Zela Go & Spray™

Handy stand alone greasing machine with self-contained air supply. The Go & Spray is equipped with a spray gun and a G&S coupler which can be easily connected to the 20 litre G&S packaging of Zeelandia G&S release agents. The Go & Spray ensures a constant and accurate spray nozzle pressure so that the release agent is evenly and optimally distributed in every situation.

Unique characteristics

-    Compact

-    Stand alone

-    Airless system:
          - self contained air supply
          - no electricity needed

-    Release agent comes directly from Zeelandia
     G&S packaging (20 litre, ready to use)

-    Sealed system guarantees hygienic operation

-    Silent

-    Convenient total solution of machine and

-    Especially designed for Zeelandia Carlex G&S

Go and Spray 

Technical information

Dimensions (WxDxH)

Max pressure


Comes complete with




 435x370x960 mm

8 bar

18 kg (machine only)

Zela Go & Spray cap

Zela Go & Spray cover

External air supply 6-8 bar

Zel Go & Spray Air


Go and Spray close up logo

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