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Bread improvers

Throughout the centuries, bakers have been adding raw materials to make their bread tastier, more attractive or softer. A scientific approach to both the process and baking materials, combined with plenty of research, has led to the development of modern bread improvers at Zeelandia.

These enable the baker to control his process and to provide the end product with the best characteristics the consumer want.

Besides some functionalities like crustyness or softness, some bread improvers allow the baker to interrupt his baking proces temporarily with retarding or freezing fermented or unfermented doughs.

The basis for a bread improver can consist of emulsifiers, enzymes and vitamin C. Besides improving processing and tolerance of the dough, the improvers also have a positive effect on the end product. With the use of bread improvers one can steer for example on improving volume, baking quality, colour of the crust, crispness, structure and softness of texture, as well as the flavour and smell. The bread improver ensures a very consistent quality without a lot of fluctuations.

Please choose the product of your choice below:

Berliners and doughnuts


Crusty bread and rolls




Soft rolls

Sweet and fruit breads

Tin bread

Whole-, crecked- or wheat flake breads, weak flour quality



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