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Advocaat Flan

Advocaat Flan


Place a thin slice of sweet dough (1.5 mm thick) in the bottom of a 24-cm cake tin.
Coat with Apricot Jam.
Mix the ingredients for 5 minutes at first speed.
Mix the chocolate pajets into the batter.
Spoon 350 grams of batter into the cake tin.
Pour 200 grams of custard onto the batter.

Baking temperature:
Deck oven 180°C.
Rotation oven 160°C.
Baking time 30 minutes.

Cool after baking.
Pipe on smooth balls of advocaat bavarian, starting at the centre, leaving the outer edge free, then cool and freeze.
Finish off the balls by spraying on Dip Advocaat Flavour.
Decorate with an edging of cream and chocolate curls.

Yield 7 pieces

Sweet dough

560 g   sweet dough
350 g   Apricot Jam

Recipe 1

1.250 g   Panovite Muffin
500 g   water
500 g   vegetable oil *
250 g   Pajets Chocolate

* In verband met het s.g. de Muffinolie altijd wegen.


1.400 g   Custard with Rap

Recipe 2

550 g   Zeesan Neutral
550 g   water
6 g   Colour Yellow
1.500 g   whipping cream
1.500 g   Gel Advocaat 50%


20 g   Dip Eggnog Flavour


1.100 g   whipping cream
140 g   chocolate curls

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