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Almond Cherry Cake

Almond Cherry Cake


Mix the ingredients 6-10 minutes at high speed.
Mix for 2 minutes at slow speed (specific weight 340-360 gram/liter).
Fill the pans (diameter 16 cm) with 190 gram batter.

Baking temperature:
Deck oven 190°C.
Rotation oven 170°C.
Baking time 20 minutes.

Mix the Zeesan and water.
Blend the semi whipped cream carefully with the Zeesan/water mixture.

Cut the sponge cake twice after cooling.
Fill the first layer with the bavarian and the second layer with Frutafill Cherry.
Place the top of the sponge and scoop approx. 150 gram Frutafill on top.
Decorate the side with Almond shavings.
Cover the cake with a slice Marzipan, decorate with lines Paletta Miroir Neutral (coloured red).
Glaze with Paletta Spray Neutral and decorate.

Yield 10 pieces


1.000 g   Biscamix
800 g   egg
100 g   water

Filling 1

500 g   Zeesan Cheese
1.000 g   water
1.000 g   whipping cream

Filling 2

1.000 g   Frutafill Cherry


1.000 g   Maro Marzipan 1:3
150 g   broken almond shavings
50 g   Paletta Miroir Neutral
150 g   Paletta Spray Neutral


100 g   whipping cream
150 g   red fruit
100 g   choco decor

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