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Choco Fruit Star

Choco Fruit Star


Mix the ingredients for 8 minutes at high speed with a whisk.
Specific weight 450-500 g/l.
Fill a ring with a diameter of 22 cm with 300 gram batter.

Baking temperature:
Deck oven 190°C.
Rotation oven 170°C.
Baking time 25 minutes.

Cut the spong into two layers.
Spread 150 gram of yoghurt custard onto the bottom layer.
Scoop in the middle 100 grams of Frutafill.
Cut the top layer into a star, do not cut through the end.
Put this onto the filling and press a little till the star is open.

Decorate the side with some chocolate chips.
Dust the top with Mont Blanc.

Yield 6 pieces


100 g   Bisca Multi Base
240 g   flour
480 g   egg
350 g   sugar
40 g   water
35 g   cocoa
4 g   Flavour Vanilla

Filling 1

600 g   Yogofresh
1.500 g   water

Filling 2

600 g   Frutafill Cherry


60 g   Mont Blanc
200 g   chocolate chips

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