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Gâteau Basque New Style

Gâteau Basque New Style


Mix first the sugar, margarine, water, salt and Flavour Vanille.
Add the flour and Season Cake and mix into a sweet dough.
Put the dough in the refrigerator overnight.
Before using mix the dough shortly.

Mix the water and the Rap intensively until a smooth and homogeneous cream.
Just before using mix the cream for another 2 minutes in first speed.

Roll out the dough to a thickness of 3 mm and line the form.

Pipe the cream filling (250 gram) onto the dough.
Put on top of the cream, the Aldia Apricot (200 gram).
If desired you can add some extra brown castor sugar (50 gram) between both fillings.
Finish the pie with a second layer of dough.
Cover the products with bake glaze.
Use a fork to get the curved motive on the sides (2 times: below side and above side).

Baking temperature:
Deck oven 160°C.
Rotation oven 140°C.
Baking time 60 minutes.

After cooling decorate the edge with Mont Blanc.

Yield 10 pieces


400 g   Season Cake
1.600 g   flour
800 g   sugar
1.250 g   margarine
100 g   water
10 g   salt
15 g   Flavour Vanilla

Filling 1

720 g   Rap
1.800 g   water

Filling 2

2.000 g   Aldia Apricot


30 g   Mont Blanc (3 g per stuk)

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