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Rainbow Pie

Rainbow Pie


Mix all ingredients to a butter dough.
Put the dough in the refrigerator overnight.
Roll out the dough to a thickness of 7 mm.
Cut the bottoms with a ring of 16 cm diameter in which the dough will be baked.

Pipe on top of this dough a filling of Frangipane
(175 g dough compared to 120 g of filling).

Baking temperature:
Deck oven 200°C.
Rotation oven 180°C.
Baking time 25 minutes (The bottom needs to be baked gold brown).

After cooling pipe on top of this baked base filling 2.
Mix all the ingredients for 4 minutes with a whisk into a smooth rich custard.
Decorate with fresh fruit.
Mix the Paletta Neutral with water.
Heat at least till 80°C and glaze the product.

Yield 12 pieces


1.200 g   flour
700 g   sugar
100 g   Cookiemix 20
900 g   butter
150 g   water
100 g   lemon zest


1.500 g   frangipan

Filling 2

1.200 g   Rap
300 g   butter
3.000 g   water


2.000 g   fruit
500 g   Paletta Neutral
250 g   water

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