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Technical bakery tips




Avoid wet marzipan and fondant from frozen confectionary items

In most cases the fondant or marzipan absorbs a lot of moist when taken out of the freezer.

This phenomenon is due to the fact that the room air contains high moisture compared to the freezed product.
The combination of the cold/heat bridge between product and room air give the marzipan and fondant a lot of moist.

To avoid this, products could be stored first into the cooler for a while to acclimate before these are transported to the shops or consumer.
Other possibility is to pack the products into a carton packaging which protects the products to the high humidity air.



Cleaning of baking moulds

The best way to maintain your baking moulds, to guarantee the best release of your products, is to clean the moulds and trays direct after baking. The leftover of the baked product are still fresh and soft. If the mould is stored with the leftovers, a bad smell will easily come on the mould in little time.

If you prefer to spray the mould immediately with new release agent, it’s possible with the Zeelandia Carlo and Carlex. It’s advisable to turn the mould upside down to protect the new layer of release agent. 

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