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Zeelandia is supplier of quality products and services which fit the customer's expectations. Customer satisfaction is the most important parameter for measuring Zeelandia's quality performance in the market.

As regards product quality food safety is the key factor: the safety of food should be undisputed.

Zeelandia production locations have systems in place fulfilling the quality requirements. Most locations hold one or more certificates to underline their quality performance.  

Food legislation and agreed guidelines of national and international associations of bakery ingredients are fully respected.

The general quality policy of Zeelandia is formulated by the Board of Directors and reviewed annually. Specific areas are dealt with in separate policy statements, e.g. genetical modification, nut policy, lactose, traceability.

Valid until 4 December 2019. Awarded by Lloyds. This certificate means that Zeelandia meets the standard for suppliers of foodstuffs as set by the British Retail Consortium and the Centraal Bureau Levensmiddelenhandel.
Click here for a copy of the BRC certificate as pdf document.

Valid until 14 November 2019. Awarded by Lloyds. Riskplaza means that a certified institution yearly checks at Zeelandia if food safety of ingredients meet the criteria in the food sector. Zeelandia has to prove to be able to control possible risks which can occur in ingredients.
Click here for a copy of the RiskPlaza certificate as pdf document.

Palm oil policy
Zeelandia is a member of the RSPO and committed in using sustainable palm oil.
Click here for a copy of the policy letter 2015 as pdf document.

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