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Release Solutions

At Zeelandia we offer total solutions for all types of release problems experienced in the international bakery market.

We know that a perfect bread of pastry product will sell itself. Damaged products because of a bad release cause unnecessary losses. Zeelandia has build a wealth of experience in release since the introduction of our first release agent in 1935. Nowadays Zeelandia is a professional and reliable partner who can meet all your release demands. To meet these demands Zeelandia offers a standard range of release agents and tailor made products for specific needs. All products offer a good release, hygiene, stability and can be processed easily with spraying system.

Zela Technical Solutions

A total solution means not only the perfect fit in product, but also in spraying equipment. Zela Technical Solutions is specialized in spraying technology. Together with the Zeelandia range of products we can offer a perfect solutions for every bakery. Next to this, Zela Technical Solutions offer spray equipment for Jelly and chocolate as well as technical instruments such as compressors and insect-O-cuters.

4 nozzles close upZelaTechniek spray head close uphand spray with 500

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