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Zela spray equipment

Zela is the brand name for greasing equipment. All Zela machines are designed to decrease the usage of the product and delver accurate and precise spray patterns which afford better sanitation conditions. User-friendly adjustment points make operator set-up quick and easy. We apply the latest techniques and scientific insights to maximise value for our customer.

Quality, flexibility and hygiene are core values of Zela Technical Solutions. For this reason all Zela machines are made of durable RVS material, are easy to work with and are certificated conform all relevant CE standards.

The range Zela equipment is wide, from easy hand spray machines to special tailor made automatic equipment and varying from equipment for release agents to equipment for various other products like jelly and chocolate.

The models are classed into four categories:

Zela Easy spray

Zela Basic

Zela Design

Zela Varia



Unique spray technology

Our airmix machines for release agents are equipped with an unique spray system which uses low pressure. The specially designed spray nozzles can be precisely adjusted according to size varying between 0.5 and 2.5 mm. In combination with our exclusive glove swirls, this results in:


-   Accurate and even spray pattern

-   Economical use of release agents

-   Clean baking materials

-   Clean working surroundings

-   Tins and trays last longer

 Zela spraying nozzle

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