Zela Basic 250

A manually operated spray machine with a stainless steal housing. The Zela Basic250 is equipped with a 30 litre stainless steel buffer. The wide range of available settings for product and air flow in the hand spray gun guarantees a perfect and economical spray pattern. The required air pressure is 6 bar which can be delivered either by the existing air installation in the bakery, or by a separate compressor.

Unique characteristics

–         Compact

–         Mobile

–         Airmix system

–         Stainless steel housing

–         30 litre stainless steel buffer tank

–         Hand spraying gun

–         Applicable for Carlo and Carlex range 

hand spray with 500

Technical information

Dimensions (WxDxH):

800x800x895 mm




50/60 Hz


3,9 A


6 Bar


1100 W

Supplied with

Hand spray gun


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