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Zela Easy spray

The Zela Easy Spray range consists of various machines for the manual greasing of tins and trays. Zela Easy Spray offers maximum convenience. The machines are not just very simple to operate, they are compact and therefore easy to move. The special spraying technique ensures an optimal nebulisation of the release agent and guarantees a perfect release of the baked product, an economical use and a clean working area. The series consists of 5 models:

Connect en Spray Compton 3 Go and Spray Plug and Spray

Zela Connect & Spray

Zela Go & Spray™ 

Zela Plug & Spray™


Fill and Spray 30 Drum and Spray
Zela Fill & Spray   Zela Drum & Spray


For our leaflet about Zela Easy Spray, please click here.

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