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Bread ingredients

A short introduction of the Zeelandia bakery ingredients for bread and rolls

Bread improvers

Zeelandia has bread improvers for
all kinds of bread: from crusty rolls
to hamburgers.

Bread improver Gamma 50% 

Bread mixes

Zeelandia offers a wide range of
bread mixes with variety in textures,
flavours and level of convenience.
Here you will find a selection of
our possibilities in bread mixes. 

Bread mix picture

Branded bread

Zeelandia also offers branded bread
mixes, translating consumer trends
into bread products.
These brands are supported
by promotional materials.


Branded bread - Prokorn 

Decoration products

For bread decoration Zeelandia has 
several kind of products available.

     Decoration bread 70      

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For more detailed information about our total assortment, please contact your local Zeelandia contact or our Zeelandia International sales office (see worldwide).


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