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JungZeelandia Sonnen-range

JungZeelandia has a beautiful range of multicereal bread mixes under the umbrella brand Sonnen. The brand started with Sonnenkorn, a very tasty and successful bread mix.

 Jung Sonnenkorn

The line was extended by Sonnenkraft, Sonnenbrötchen and most recently Sonnenschein. All with same characteristic: tasteful, multicereal breads with a look of craftmanship, yet very modern in appearance.

Jung SonnenkraftJung Sonnenbrotchen

Jung Sonnenschein


All types of the Sonnen-range are supported by in-store promotional materials.

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This is a typical product for the German market, but Sonnenkorn is also available in several markets outside Germany. For more information contact your local Zeelandia representative or Zeelandia International.

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