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Bread mixes

Zeelandia offers a wide range of bread mixes with variety in textures, flavors and level of convenience.

The Zeelandia bread mixes make it easy for the baker to meet the increasing demand for new products meeting consumer trends.

Every mix makes a number of products variations possible. This results in a greater efficiency and convenience in production planning, purchasing and stock management.

Zeelandia supplies bread mixes varying from 10 to 100 percent. All basic ingredients are carefully coordinated with each other. generally speaking: flour, yeast, water and sometimes improver are the only things one has to add. Seeds are already incorporated into the mixes too.

Please choose the product of your choice below:

Panomix (50% mixes)

Panoplus (highly concentrated mixes)

Other bread mixes


For more detailed information about our total assortment, please contact your local Zeelandia contact or our Zeelandia International sales office.


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