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Why you should use a release agent

Release agents are exposed to oxygen and very high oven temperatures, up to 250oC. Ordinary oils and fats can not stand these temperatures. Due to the contact with oxygen a process is set in motion that begins with oxidation and leads ultimately, via polymerisation, to carbonisation.

Oxidation                 : oil or fat absorbs oxygen from the air

Polymerisation         : the oxidation process progresses and the oil becomes too viscous and sticky

Carbonisation          : during the baking process the layer will carbonise and leave a black layer

Once such a layer has been build up the transfer of heat deteriorates and the baking process becomes increasingly uneconomical. The Zeelandia release agents are designed to reduce the process of oxidation to a minimum.

The effect of this process of oxidation to carbonisation is visible on these trays:

oxidation process baing trays


Zeelandia is a professional and reliable partner who can meet all your release demands. To meet these demands Zeelandia offers a standard range of release agents and tailor-made products for specific needs. All products offer a good release, hygiene, good processability via airmix systems and stability. Depending on their specific features they are classified in three groups:


Carlo range              : emulsions

Carlex range            : oils

Carlex TW range      : special oils


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