Gletscher Fondant

Choose between fondant and Zeelandia Gletscher Fondant

For many years Zeelandia has been producing Gletscher Fondant. This is not just any fondant, but a high-quality premium fondant.
It is the preferred quality at most European bakeries and has been for many years.

Gletscher Fondant offers a baker some extraordinary advantages:

  • Pearly white colour;
  • Great quality for a perfectly opaque result;
  • Very easy to process;
  • Excellent drying qualities and it has a beautiful shine once dry.

Gletscher Fondant is a sugar-based icing, and has already been partly diluted with water. It can easily be mixed with more water or with colouring agents of your choice. The Gletscher Fondant has a high temperature tolerance, with an optimum handling temperature of 40-45 Celsius.
It is also an extremely freeze-stable product.

Essential elements in the production of our Gletscher Fondant are:

  • The use of pure ingredients;
  • A highly precise temperature at time of production;
  • Special treatment during the process of crystalisation.

USP’s of Gletscher Fondant compaired to many other fondants

Gletscher Fondant

Other fondants   (freeze-stable)

+    Pearly white

+    Full coverage

+    Large tolerance in temperature 
       => product covers very well

+    Beautifully smooth coating

+    Without preservative or thickener; 
      as natural as possible

+    Fresh smell

-    ‘Greyish white colour’

-    Slightly transparent

-    Lower tolerance in temperature  
      => easily becomes thinner and thus
      more transparent

-    Irregular pattern with air bubbles

-    Contains preservatives (1 E-number) and 
      thickener (2 E-numbers)

-    No a fresh smell

Gletscher Fondant: extremely freeze stable.

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