Zeelandia offers a wide range of fruit fillings.
All our Frutafills are a top quality filling and topping.
Frutafill is freeze/thaw and bake stable. 
Frutafill 2

Please see below our most popular fruit fillings:

Frutafill Apple Contains 90% of fruit.  
Frutafill Cherry Contains 74% of fruit.   
Frutafill Apricot  Contains 70% of fruit.  
Frutafill Blueberry  Contains 74% of fruit.  
Frutafill Strawberrry  Contains 74% of fruit.  
Frutafill Tropical  Contains 70% of fruit.  
Frutafill Lemon  Contains 35% of fruit.  
Frutafill Rum/Raisin  Contains 40% of fruit.  

Standard recipe

Can be used before ánd after baking.
Ready to use.
Use within 14 days of opening. When opened, store below 8°C.

Our leaflet about this product.

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For more detailed information about our total assortment, please contact your local zeelandia contact.

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