Glazing gel, a glossy, transparent protective layer for fruit, cakes and pastries. It protects the fruit and gives it a glossy appearance with a natural colour. The jellies support the taste of the fruit and give your pastry products a superb fresh look.

Zeelandia supplies a complete programme of high quality glazing jellies under the name Paletta.

Paletta has the following functions:
- to prevent the product drying out
- to extend the shelf life of the product
- to make the product more attractive through the gloss it provides

We have several variants:

Paletta & Paletta Extra

Paletta Luxury

Paletta ColdJel



The Palleta range has a quick setting, excellent sliceability, natural taste, is freeze/thaw stable, stands fruity acids, is    re-heatable and available in different flavours like Neutral, Apricot and Strawberry.

Type of glazes available: paste, mix or ready to use spray.

Paletta & Paletta Extra have an outstanding fruity taste. Suitable for use with brush or spraying machine, as it contains no fruit particles. The Paletta Extra can be applied directly from the bucket as a pastry filling.
Freeze stable.

Paletta Luxury contains real fruit and therefore it has a superior, real fruity strawberry or Apricot taste. It can also be used straight for the bucket, without adding water, as a fruit filling for your pastry.

Standard recipe

Add 25-50% water. Heat up to approx 90-95°C. 

Paletta ColdJel is a multi purpose, ready to use, cold setting gel. It is providing a high gloss mirror glaze and is suitable for coating and decoration a wide range of confectionery products, including fruit tarts and bavaroise.

Standard recipe

Pour Paletta ColdJel in a bowl. Blend carefully with a whisk or a spatula.
Apply with spatula or with a piping bag or use for dipping.
Leave it standing for 15 minutes before cutting.

Our leaflet on this product.

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