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Selection of cake mixes

Cake: a basic bakery product?

How basic is cake? For certain it will be part of every bakery shop's assortment.
But the favourite cake in the Ducth market will differ considerably from the one preferred by the Italian consumer.
And the cake produced by a craft baker in Germany will require a different mix than the one rolling of the line of an industrial producer of packed cakes in Spain.

Zeelandia has a whole range of cakemixes, from convenience to tailormade mixes. There is always one that fits your needs. And if not, we can make it fit.

Our Multi-purpose cake mix:

Season Cake, an innovative mix for the production of cakes with a moist structure, long shelf life and an extreme good volume. This cake mix can help you to give it your own identity, because there is no flavour added in the mix. Season Cake is the multipurpose cake mix, suitable for the preparation of cakes, sheet cake with fillings in and on top of the cake.
More than 30 applications are possible with this mix.

Please see all kinds of applications with which you can use our Season Cake.

A selection of our possibilities in Convenience mixes (100% mix, just add water):

Vero cake Farmers cake Double Choc cake QuarQy

Vero Vitesse mix
for standard buttercake

Farmers cake
like your grandmother
used to make

DoubleChoc cake
chocolate cake with
chunks of real chocolate

QuarQy cake
40% less fat
100% fresh taste

All these mixes give a quality pound cake, but can also be used in various applications, for example:

Double Choc brownie Farmers cake sheet QuarQy fruitminis
Double Choc brownies Farmers sheetcake QuarQy fruitmini's


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For more information on our assortment of cake mixes, please contact your local zeelandia contact.

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