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Toadstool Cake

Toadstool Cake


Cover a spherical shape bowl with swiss roll layers, use the off-cuts to cover the slices in-between.
Mix the Zeesan Neutral and Compound Cherry with the water.
Blend the semi whipped cream carefully with the mixture
Fill the bowl with a part of the cherry Bavaroise and then put layers of swiss roll one on top of the other progressively increasing in diameter.
In between each layer of swiss roll insert a layer of Frutafill Cherry.
Make sure the final layer is covered by a layer of swiss roll.
Finally put a slice of sweet dough glazed with Raspberry Jam.
To get an optimal setting we advice to put the cake for one hour in the refrigerator before freezing.
After freezing release the cake by plunging the bowl shortly in hot water.
Glaze the boule with a thin layer of creme au beurre and cover this with a layer of Marzipan.
Put the cake back in the freezer and glaze it with Paletta Spray Strawberry (if required add extra colour using a red food colouring) and put spots of white marzipan for toadstool effect.
A ring of green cream dots may be piped around the tart if required.

Yield 20 pieces


2.500 g   Swiss Roll with Biscamix

Filling 1

1.000 g   Zeesan Neutral
1.250 g   water
5.000 g   whipping cream
300 g   Compound Cherry

Filling 2

300 g   Frutafill Cherry

Sweet dough

1.500 g   Sweet dough with Kanomix
500 g   Raspberry Jam


1.000 g   Creme au Beurre
1.250 g   Marzipan 1:2 Form
600 g   Paletta Spray Strawberry

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