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Technical bakery tips




Save with Zeelandia release agents!

Very often bakery products are released with vegetable oil or other fatty products which has nothing to do with releasing of bread or confectionery.

The technical know-how in Zeelandia research department will help you to save money with our range of release agents.

For an average bread of 800 gr. only 1,5 till 2 gram is required to get a perfect releasing, and as important, to get a good bite to the bread crust!

Check your consumption of release oil in your own bakery. Divide this by your daily production and let us advise you which product fits in your specific situation. You will immediately see your savings. 



Storage of sponge and cake into your freezer 

Many bakeries store their baked sponge and cake into big freezers to reduce production time with making larger batches. There is no objection for this, but take care of the storage conditions.

Place the sponge or cake always in plastic bags or containers to avoid speedy drying out!

Also sponge and cake are absorbing the most flavours and (bad) smell from the freezer.
Therefore select a suitable size of plastic bag in combination with a good closure clip.
Your product could remain fresh for 3-5 months under this conditions.



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